Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Looking ahead...

When the Present looked at me today,
With languid,soft brown eyes,
That wuthers away the tides of the Past,
I resented it.
I hated it for holding me like that,
Touching me,
Feeling me... like that.
I resent it.

The hand that touches so many others,
Should it caress me akin,
I feel impure,locked in an unholy embrace,
Struggling to break free...
I resent it.

The brown trees that stood before me,
Have been there for ages,
They are kind,to me in the rain,
They are kind to me today.
But I know,what I know
And I resent it.
The solace from thunders,the shed
Have overlooked many other heads,
But I know that their humility is but a facade.
They know they are taller than those heads.
I know they know..
So I resent it.

But the autumn leaves
Sprawled on the ground,
Will soon not be there.
Some will shiver,and rise tremblingly,
And take flight on air,
While some would succumb to the frostbite,
And parch in liplock with the earth.
I am happy,
That there life before my very eyes,
Is numbered.

So in this Present,I look to you,
My friend from the future.
No one writes to you,but me,
Upon this early winter.
No one knows,you exist,
My friend from faraway,
There is still reason for me,
To try to break away...
There is still reason for me,
To keep looking ahead.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Adolescent boy

Upon a shimmering summer day,
Upon a windswept May highway,
Dirt-tracks and vacancy signs,here and there
There and here...
I sip on the last drop of water,
I take on the cracked vision of earth,
There and here,here and there,
I'm simply begone.
Nowhere near,nor too far,
It's the vertical horizon.

Adolescent boy broods and looks,
Take me away,he says,take me away.

Croaky laughter in the middle of the day,
Trying to not try to forget,
High on the last breathe,here and there,
There and here...
And then the reason suddenly slips,
Who was expected to be lingers only,
There and here,here and there,
Hope is rejoiced.
Nowhere near,nor too far,
Its the vertical horizon.

Adolescent boy holds his breathe,
Take me away,boy,take me away.

Petals of darkness blossoms then,
Sun is flat,only red remains,
Ushering the graceful moon,here and there,
There and here...
Playful stars,pave the road,
My hope is refilled,
There and here,here and there,
I know why,
Nowhere near,nor too far,
Its the vertical horizon.

See the light of beauty's birth,
History never repeats.
I broke my wings,many a time...
But the wind never comes saying it will blow,
The angle never stays the same,
The dawn never approaches at the same second...
On the same vertical horizon.

Adolescent boy,wakes up at night,
Come to make pain bearable,
Adolescent boy,he knows how--
For hope,he has the nightvision,
Adolescent boy alone knows what
Its like to be in the horizon...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Diaries of Amnesia

Here when the treasures fall
From the sky upon earth
Ricocheting off the sand-dunes,
Here of the red desert of shifting sands,
Our rugged feet take the grains, diminishing, dissolving
Into the waters of the yellow river,
Where with the rain, they are drained
Drained, forever.

Our inception, our origin, serendipity to those,
Slithering on the floor, who were there before us.
When we were made was it said,we all had a name,
Different to our birth, maimed by our versatile secrets?
Or was history made, futures fortold,
And we were to follow the path,
Unheeding of what our hearts hold?

So here I dry,forgotten sometimes,forgetting at others,
Like a withering begonia bud.
When I forget,the desert forgets,
As who I was to be remembered.

The deafening screeches
Of the resonating silence,
Where sound words tantalize from afar
I can hear,that they are near,
Yet I forgot how to embark on a search.

A door in my head has closed on me,
I am running frantically.
Open, door ,open, I plea,
Open for all, if need be…
Open,door,open,I’m begging me
I denounce the use of keys.

There is the crunch, of a broken branch,
And I tend to follow the sound,
But there is a mist,hovers over the swamp,
I cannot be found.

The words separate,voices too,
Walls fall apart, void is all I see.
Lock me, let me in!
I want to know why I am me!
I want to know why I am me…