Sunday, January 23, 2011


To throw a stone at a strident ripple
With eyes closed and a voice crippled
With the renegade joys of a childhood lost
In the turbid, eager eyes of grown-up jaunts,

Is to hold an umbrella to the twilight sun
And revel in some quixotic virtuous norm,
Pretending what has been is never wrong

But to kindle a candle, one needs the wick to burn…

So the twilight will phase into a night
And candles will burn, and fluorescent lights…
One drop of moon in the ripples of water
In a majestic silver mermaid, will shudder

When the sojourn of the stone will strike...

The ripples will remain, gather and froth
And the ignominy of moon shall stay to spurn…
The night shall change to a new daybreak
And the sojourns of stones shall return….

And sink to the abyss beyond the drop of moon.

But ripples,we still ripple on...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finding My Personal Vengeance(or Evanescence)

A soft,resplendant echo
Of a single threshold touch.
I could fall a thousand steps
To reverberate under its footfall...
The 'evermore' hones an evanescent day,
And I could hear the sea-gulls humming in praise...
Warped and maimed, I could rise again---
My lone paramour, my sovereign disdain...
Nevermore, I would sing again
On a yellow,framed afternoon...
A stalker may know the wisdom
For the reasons I show.
A grave,left unattended
Filled with snow
A story,untainted
And concealed with many more.
But then you were gone
Or going away,I'm not sure...
The story would screech to a halt,
I might have crashed,I wouldn't know...
And the birds would fly away,
Leaving us thus betrothed, I want to believe...
By the rituals conferred---
A fire and a central plot,
And a mesh of 'I do'-s and 'They do'-s...
To conclude the wrought.

Do they sing 'evermore' in heaven?
Is this a dream?
Gone and nevergone,
An insensitive,unholy scheme...

And they did...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Blahs and Blues ---14/1/11

The tips of my fingers are lost in anomalies of a long-drawn,age-old conflict called 'touch'.
Do I want to?Should I?Is anybody watching?Would they mind?
All I have to do is lift a finger,and place it...gently or briskly.All I have to do is remain in sync with my tirades of past self-denials and coax myself to walk away...
It isn't exactly walking away from myself.Merely undoing the hopelessness that washes through these fingers each time they are encountered with the four questions.A speck of colour on a grey wall, a face-like puddle of water on a slab of bus-window glass and golden hair of a six year old seated next to me,a dab of magenta in a perfectly green leaf, an eclipsed-sun in a cigarrette butt...
I wish I could touch you,to touch me.
I want to,I should,whoever is watching,minding me or not...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blahs and Blues---11/1/11

A naked,begrime,barefoot child on your porch,
dripping the slippery skin of earth;rings your bell,once,twice
and many too many times,making you temporarily deaf...
till you open the door,adopt him as your own and
wash the muck off with your own bare hands...
and name him 'epiphany'.

Friday, January 7, 2011

One Day

There is one day for everything.

One day…that will seek dust
On the back of a camel
To ride into the sunset
Of a desert monsoon,
One day…when I shall have written
All my last wishes, not only my dreams,
In one single rhapsody, my tuneless song,
Origamied into a lone butterfly.
Can butterflies be lonely?
Some days maybe…
Another one day,
I will have watched the moon stride
Through the primer-scented grills
And play peek-a-boo
On the wings of my butterfly
And fly
Across the black sky,
Out of my line of sovereign sight.
One day…I will lie down
On sheets of sand soaked in the
Crashing tears of the sea,
Spread-eagled, with arms frosted
In golden muck, praying and
Pretending that gods of quick-sand
Would make a one-wish exception for me.
One day…I will surmount the broken step
Of open-air canvases
And lived long enough to breathe
The hot air there and tell the tale
To the pink-cheeked, one-liner-king,
Blue boy with a palm
Ready for alms.
One day, he shall surmount as well…
One day…I will have crossed
The esplanade intersection without
Reliving the needless, manic squeals
Of holding hands and racing the traffic lights
In one blind-sided go…
One day…I will have remembered
To bring along extra batteries along
With the torch on my search for the
Lost and forgotten time-capsules…
One day, I will remember the date
Of today and write my dreams in a single song
Replacing one day with Today.
One day…

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The state of chaos is a hallucinogen
Awaiting the wrath of gods
To condemn it to the rings of fire
Once and then for all...

The swing wreathed with Cassiopeias,
And hung on a thread of aphrodisiacs
Merge and Kiss,
Rattles in a baby cloud's hands,
In the heavens
For a second longer
And is lost in the chaos

The state of chaos,
Condemned by earth,by heaven,by hell
Is alone


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cold Vaccine---a bold new decade----

Slow cold, bold syringe
On flaky skin, violated;
Labored breathe, rhythmless,
Serpentine splash of fountain angels;
Blister eyes, parched crystal lips,
Booms of sky,exploding;
Thoughtless shadow-stalker,
Ripples of crows,
An end of day,
A beginning without an end...

They celebrate.

I have my name etched
On sleeping awakenings.
Thus they will rise
No reason to abhor,
Only fall leaves to rake...
Only a reason to stay awake.
But a stupid repeater, a sluggish hinge
Shall not reveal me
Or my snow-syringe...

I perpetuate.

Crushed leaves,
Heartless sleeves,
Simpleton one-faced pennies
And simpleton fountain angels...
Will surround me forever,
I am here to be around...
Cold,pallid, anonymous,
The same every year abound.

But I will be warm, I will be known
Someday...when the world runs cold
I will seem loud!
For now,till then,
I am here...frozen.
But for this year,yet again...
I am simply now...

I am only here.