Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nipped,frozen,red PLUMS OF A BUNCH

The sun looks green through the screen
Of the classroom we’re all locked in.
Locked in, blocked out from outer space,
We lust, we thirst, and we’re human beings.

Faraway the sky looks grey.
The cataract in the solar eye,
Fails to see that we won’t learn,
From the books given to us by the Wise.
Little darling,where do you run away,
Believe in us,you are not alone.
You will be mated,like everyone else,
Or if not,you’re not alone.

(Nipped, frozen, red little plums,
Hanging in a branch,
Whispering to each other.
Sweet, acrid left clustered together.
Left to learn what the soil only knows,
Left beyond salvation thus forever.)

Like fleshy worms, on blackboard swarm,
Words that we read in unison.
In unison, we breach the rules of the hall
Of shame, we reach for the same Throne.

Somewhere God doesn’t await,
Our dwindling one by one,
I still cry for him, she cries for me,
This is the imperfect cycle of Human.
Little darling, where do you run away,
Believe in us, you are not alone.
The only one so, in this damned world
Is the one sitting above us all.

New little plum in this old branch,
Do not run away frightened.
We may be nipped,but we are together,
None shall try to sever our cluster.
We will suffer,but never as much,
As the lonely one who sits above us.