Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Smoke escaping Fire---Fortress Conquered.

Beauty is a ring of smoke in an ivy sky... do...rise up high,
Wind,oh,Wind,wherever you lie,
Watch it rise,watch

Pity the December Green Lake ice,
Burn it cant,smoke,not its accomplice,
Breathe against it,a smoky breathe,misted
In droplets of Life.
Bellows on the willows,
Proliferating moss,
Encircled and abandoned them,
To tickle the leaves.
Watch it learn...
In Peace.

With the doleful hoot of an owl through the boughs--
Rearing a mast,an anchor unearthed,
To the music of a sea,sailed a dingy,
Just Married,it says.
Clouds of this earth,swinging in the sails.
Baleful winds,watch from afar,
Watch the blood of a burning star.
Love and Light,
All in sight,
Sing to their joys,
Till collides...
Love and Light.
All collide.

A dingy of willow-leaf,
Where ant sleeps,
Rest is all they need.
Before its journey on the Wind,
---Or was it Smoke?--
Staggers and halts,
Its again soiled
Home to the creepers and weeds.

Then the dingy stops again,
Wind is no more,in the tranquil ocean.
The air smells of nothing at all.
Dried is the rain.
Lightyears bloat to measure the dingy.
To see what the sailors cant see.
The distance,the loss,the silence that cries...
At night,with the wind in its hair.
Dawn--the Sun burns in its glare,
Whatever dewdrops remained...
Upon Their foreheads,scorchmarks paint,
Their Fate is in the beauty of the Smoke.
Did you cry when it rose...

Far below....the ivy sky,
Far below where the wind lies,
Far below,Wind,where you can see,
A fire crackles.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Rain drops on my home....

The rain sings,
Mellow brings,
And mud,acrid, cringes,
In shifting footprints.
Little boy impinges,
On his muddy tinges,
Rainy hints,
For fear of home.
Blithe,and wet,he is home.

Candlewind foretells
A storm,to be heard soon.
And in the rain,the silent sane,
Dares to look up to the moon.
Little boy,scared of dark,walking with rain
Streaming down his face,
Alone and challenged by the dark,livid bright,
Hear the music of his pace.
Before the saints had sinned to know Sin,
The rain washed away all their
Muck.Now the rain,deranged,in pain,
Beats down on window panes,in silent prayer.
Evangeline,putrid,shy, pelting down on my home.
Little boy comes back home like it never rained tonight,or before.
My angel,with broken wings,bring me back to earth.My sight
Is wounded,my hands are scorched.
Steal,I beg,away my extinguished torch,
For in it,only memories,burnt smoke remain,
As I wait...
For the next train.
Away from home.
As I wait...
Till it stops to rain...
As I wait...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ode to the Blissfull

The battle is over.
Craters Litter,
My bed.
The petals are singed,
Wisps of undaunted narcotics hover.
Waltzing with smoke,dust and gunpowder.
Hope is the fraternity of innocence.
My hope this night is unhinged.
Love is bright,love is sweet.
In its wake,lies my pride's bitter defeat.
Somewhere the drizzle of a lightning,
Beckons at my loss,for some gain.
Somewhere in the duststorm of lost promises,
In the tangy tangibility of last gasps and graces...
The battle is over.
I am weaker.
But I am stronger still.

The battle is over.
Diseases and survivors,
I am...
A sole moon in the western sky,
A chaste bloom in a leafless bough.
When all is well,all is sound
Is when shatters my supreme crown.
Is when my rubied sword falls.
My invasion stands lofty tall.
'Lo the horizon though the wisps are awake,
Towards my home I will make.
When my pride,meek,is dead.
In barren land my bereft throne bled,
Pity the souls blinded in faith,
To love and lose,and rendered insane.
Your victory is my end.

So celebrate this holy night,
So back home,that i might,
Look up to see a new address,
Embellish my dome-an unsullied dress.
Pure and white,
The smokes lie.
I am ever sober.
The battle is over.