Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To be left with no anger is a whole new experience.No flaring nose, shaking hands, throbbing temple-vein...

Just smile and move over.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Under,Under You

A tuning fork rings a bell
In the hindsight of certain mumblings
On a hoarse midnight wave.
I tried to redeem
The need to hush
The echo of the fork...
But it stings the underneath
Of my parched eyelids.A vein throbs...
Have I lost a battle, a leg or an eye...?
What does this mean...?
A part of my goodbyes
Bidding me to hide,
Hide in rose bushes,
Sleep under the stars,
Give my favourite star
A goodnight kiss,
Something to take pride in and
A taunting dream
Of a dramatic farce...

That lies come true...too...
When I slowly cease to dream
Of you every night,as I lie drenched,
Under you...
Under,under you.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ticker Tocker

The longer the ticking of the clock persists, the longer the minutes become.I sit at the nook of my room, a carefully slant edge of the floor and stalk the second-hand of the wall-clock with my heartbeat on its tow...or so I think.I take a deep breath, tell myself it will soon pass.I will get up from that nook and pick up that phone and make that dreaded phone call.But just as certain that I don't get up, the call never happens either.Never.
The songs of the melancholy seek me out and forbid me. The playlist never ends---it is on a repeat mode.
There, there...they say.You didnt deserve this.So you shall conquer it.Never shed tear for those that knows not its value.

But how....???
I know the why's...someone tell me the 'how'...

Either that,or make Time stop.The relentless tick-tocks are waste on the stubborn doldrums of this heart.
And the wind never blows either way..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Like the gnawing sound of termites,undetected, goes on and on and on...till i close my eyes and embrace my sweet,sweet dreams...for whatever nightmare may come,come sweeter than and happiness is not meant to be so much of hardship,and most of all,so much of...joyless 'work'.
Hail Lucifer.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


A rope
An isolated case of frayed edges...
A braid of smaller ropes,
Almost identical to the Others
A singed carbon resolution
To stand its test and bind
A lonely, archaic bid
To stay strong, to not come free
To hide the strong, to hang the weak
Entwined,drunken and
Spineless when undone;
Not entirely a hopeless thing,but
Sore,just sore...
And I have been, as I have been
A rope
Coiled in on itself
Hanging from the ground
Into a stranger's tug-of-war...
His world,His Life.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nothing really changes.They just get better or worse.
Or better for good or worse for the better.