Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My belongings

Take these wings and hide them away,
Take my word it is never safe
Out there in the world to where you’re being sent,
They all lust for your feathery scent.

Clandestine fatal wings,
She is mine,when I am amiss
Upon the walls you have me against,
She is out taking me spiraling out of your reach.

Clandestine,she is mine,
Dont try to find,behind
Her pretencious eyes,
Your dead bride,
Dont fool yourself!
She's your suicide.

Your mind,its riddled with the noise of wings,
Drowns the voice of your humble inklings,
You think you love me enough to make my choice,
That now you have taken to stealing my voice.

Clandestine fatal wings,
She is mine,when I am amiss.

'Dont understand,why you cant,
Be happy with
Your own two hands.
Why must you suppress me,
Did you never hear,
Live and let be.

One day you will fall with the dead stars from the space,
And lie cold,so cold!in the feathers of your own mistakes,
They who try to outshine the love that they get,
Finally fade,trying to outshine their ownselves.
I...I will have forgotten your name,and who you were,
The world...the world would forget that you ever were.

She stays with me,secretly,no one must try to know,
She is mine,I belong to me,and I won't let her go.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Unforgivable Deception

 I have been long,
Standing strong,
Watching you appear,
And fast disappear.
Didn't you call me your playmate?
How could you be so innocent?
So perfect...always trying to catch the ice melt,
And now look what you have done.
You dissolved your own path....

Deliver me.
Deliver me from this plaque of right and wrong,
Don't want to stay so wronged.

Now you have me weakening,
Upon my own deceptive reflections.
Solitude spins a web of conscience,
Taking my trust from own self

While faces take your shape,
Asking me to love them back.
Kill this vision that haunts me so!

Locked doors try to captivate
Me with this sense of your presence.
And the night has me threatening me
Of exposure around sleep-talkings

While I struggle
To disentangle my shadows from yours.
Kill this vision that haunts me so!
Kill it!

Don't know what I want to say,
Whether I want them to know I repent,
Or whether I truly do at all,
Or if it is merely my selfishness
So I can finally find
Peace with my oldselves.

I have been long
Standing strong,
Watching you writhe in pain.
I have caught the ice melt,
Into my palms as I have let,
You slowly drain. 

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trilogy of Light--Part I-- THE GUARDIANS

The roads,
In the land of Hope,
Is run all alone,
By the Guardians of light.

And the flight,
Of the stars into the night,
As they start to collide,
With the shields of vengeance.

They confess,
They do confess,
But nothing ever happens.

This is the land tortured by,
The Guardians of Light.

Is the cause of our time,
For the sake of mankind,
To call old man a disgrace.

And the face,
Of her face black with dismay,
Her mother cries in vain,
Oh, what a feeble shame!

But they pray,
They do and did pray,
But nothing paid.

Let the fire break out,
Let all be erased out,
Let the mutiny of the last
Be the story of the flags.

This is the land of hope,
And everyone sleeps alone.
The land tortured by,
The Guardians of Light.