Friday, July 30, 2010

Dry Rain...

A redundant spot resonant trial,

Like a flood in a cup of scarred lessons,

I tried, I failed, I rose vigilant,

More vigilant to chorus all these prayers---

These prayers for glory…and for the fear I reap.

If it was a mere nail-hole in the wall,

I could hang a picture of old classmates,

If I knew how to fly with my feet

Deep in the ground, I have sunk so deep…

I would stand tall. Head held high

I would rise to the price of an utter closure…

But I have sunk, I have sunk so deep

In the muck of bleach

And would-be crystal-clear water.

It is a deafness to hear noises austere,

Cacophony of a past poised array of voices…

Voices from memory that still sings so vividly

So blithely now...even when I’m running…

Running with the wind in my ear.

The nauseous ride on the underground train,

Still lingers like water left running,

Oozing and seeping from an uncut vein,

Holds me in my moments of livid, rapid, lucid rain…

I have held myself long now,

When the others finally let go,

On this virgin morning I rise

I rise to finally wake,

To reach out in their dawdling wake…

To touch the invisible faltering rain….

That patters softly, fluttering the leaves

Surrounding me, and the ghosts in my eaves

That I can hear so clearly, flooding my ear,

Drying my eyes, whispering to me my sweet dreams…

Sweet dreams come, sweet dreams go,

Memories remain, burdened on tow.

I can catch the wind, rustling the leaves

Surrounding me and the ghosts in my eaves.

No rain, but wind I can hold in my palm

As the morning dream trickles away…

And the fear of glory is long gone

When the end of trial is slowly unchained.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Word (This is for you only.)

If I fall, I will fall on my knee

Before you can whisper your apologies,

If I drown, I will drown to the bedrock

Before your last breathe is wrought…

I will dream your nightmares,

Drink poison to your good health,

And I can Lie, if you will me to,but...

If you promise me...before Life bows...

Promise me the breathless 3 seconds of death….

And not one second more…


But never leave me


Friday, July 9, 2010

When I come back...

Discarded memories turn to deride

Some forgotten ones on a back-bench day,

They starve on futile, hostile roses

Those grow too late and before no days

Come to pass…pass by any longer…

Nauseous guilt and choked repentance,

And the memories lost run on

Rain adrenaline alone,

The raw, wet hive of sweet ignorance,

Thrive on a frozen besotted pillow—

An attic avalanche,

Despondent to soulful, tearful eyes

And resplendent to the ashes turned to dust,

When memories go senile…

But I shall be good, I shall love

I shall be kind and faithful at last.

When the winters will plead

The trees to protect the earth from cold

Under their swath of leaves

I shall come back

Brighter than gold

And sing to you forever

Of tales untold.

A carved name still embellishes

This bark of our old mango tree

That reminiscently falls through air and lands

Safely on its own swath of wrinkled leaves

Now crunched to mere dirt in their wind-games,

A race to the top of this Hill,

A good father’s pledge, a good nurse’s creed

And all that was left of good wills...

When all is lost in a burnt page,

When I can merely sit and pray---

Let them be good, let them love

Let them be kind and faithful at last…

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cups in the Sky

Living on the rues of shattered cups,

Trembling hands and clumsy trust,

Lashing out at the smallest prudence

In the hope of a never-ending hush…

No cracks or cackle shall disarray

This tryst with hypnosis, we’ve all come to obey.

Where it began, how it grows

A flightless beanstalk or a rabbit hole,

Beyond knowing where it goes…

We all agree to slither in pursuit…

Where boulevards all come to meet,

And twilighted sunset reclaims the weed,

And our stolen thunders collide mid-sky…

Our shattered cups do fly…

Hanging computers, dysfunctional phones,

Isolated captives, distractions alone…

Soul-mates, many, who never yearn to kiss,

A smile, a surprise before we begin to wish…

Nothing falls apart…because everything does,

Nothing has to heal…because everything does.

When the stars do begin to finally fade,

These cups will ascend and take their place…

High up in the sky...

Wondering what we were.

All in a day’s work,

The hearts do heal.

A pat on a back,

And a repaired heel…

And it all reverts

To seemingly unreal.

Only a chosen thunder

Chase our lightning trills...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Status:3/07/2010, 2:35 AM

Shadows encroach me.All my defenses are taut and bold.But the shadows have black feline eyes...that can see where mine the impenetrable yet hollow Darkness....eyes...that I can't yet perceive.The sequin, godly light from the computer screen illuminates my existence...making me visible to the shadows..shadows encroach me.I am surrounded.Defenseless.But not hopeless...yet!
My heart beats faster than a bullet in mid-air.Pump more blood and maybe it will swell large enough to accommodate this overwhelming fear.Swell! I'm not cowardly.But then what is all this palpitation about? Is it the taste of anticipation on my nerve-endings? Anticipation of what?? The end? Let me look, lift the curtain a little...let me see where the road bends away...forever.
I shall miss the clutches of the shadows in the night.
But it is uncork the bottle of Light.