Monday, July 30, 2007

BLACKBiRd-The Song

Lonely girl,
Sitting alone,
Hope she's not gone
By the time I'm home.
Her milky eyes,
Gazes blind,
Through the veil that divides,
Her parting smile.

You are not home yet tonight,
Why,you are not home yet tonight!
Little so matters all that my battles ply,
Nobody's coming tonight...

To my eyesight....

A cry would rent
Soot from a heavenly grate.
A crow would shriek,
Dripping black rain,
Of all who visits,
Blackbird,sings most sweet,
Lonely blind girl
Sees noman's defeat.

You are not home yet tonight,
Why,you are not home yet tonight!
Earthly senses bereft,I'm poised to fly.
Nobody's coming tonight....

As my daylight....

Fortress invaded,
Gunshots rumble.
Her arms outstretched,
Her fear crumbles.
But blood merely stains,
The walls he once shadowed.
A hungry look,insane eager,
Peers through her veil.

Why Blackbird,where did you go?
Can't you see I'm taking off alone?
One more step,into the blatant Night,
Into whats red rain now,I shall fly....

Blackbird,did you miss your windtrain?
Oh Blackbird,you never came!
Blackbird,do you hear my wings,
Flutter and rustle in the Black rain...

Long was my wait...
Into the ruby sunset.
Oh,Blackbird,you never came,
Black bird you never came!

Oh Blackbird you never came,
Why,oh My Bird,you never came...

To watch me undie...

Friday, July 27, 2007

An Infernal Resurrection

She tossed askew the lace of light,

Into the darkness of the night,

Away from her,

They fromed in the air,

Rings of glare,

Like tigress eyes.

Her Sorceress had risen to the shore,

With a potion for lust ,for love,at core,

Her heart ,a broke tramp at ease,

Yearning for a life at home,at peace.

She was fleeing through the trees,

Past an airless breeze,

Away from the cries,

Away from her demise...

Once she had died,

And a lone wolf cried.

When she knew the song they played,

For each time she was ...dead.

She knew it by heart,

She sung it out loud.

And out they came like,

Like a raging hive,

Of bees at war,knowing that they had

Buried her alive,out they came.

With a hiss and buzz,

Out they came,

To bury her again.


A broken doll fell to the floor,

A cracked tear in her eyes she bore,

A ghost of tremble in her smilimg lips,

Within the walls where she sleeps.

They watched her,

Trying to read her mind,

As a baleful wind ruffled her hair,

Trying to seep into the dome they bind.

But death had worshipped her slumber,

Endorsed her mirror with a hued picture.

As a child she had urged upon Heaven

To be with her loved and loving,

But Today she craved for a place in the inferno,

Where her colors red,shall never go.

And she prayed for a last look at life,

So she could find the glass,she would hide,

She prayed she could never love again,

Under the sun,never smell the rain.

In her darkness, she found the rings of light ,

Circles of path, like the last spring tide.

Outside amidst the laughter and trill,

Amidst her cremation, came a neighing shrill.

With a drizzle,a whip, the ghouls turned to see,

The Human had come to his sleeping beauty.


Her alms of despair,

Remained a forgotten heir,

She had risen

Not the man,

She had risen

As her Woman.

And in one last haul,

she broke loose of the manacles,

That had bound her to her womb.

She chose to bear

Her child in her mind,

Sibling to her soul.

And He touched her temple once,

He who gave it light,

In his eyes she saw the ocean beyond,

In his hands the rings of Light.

Yet Human He was, not mere Man,

--- The one tangible door.

She breathed him in, possessing inside,

Close to her heart, close to her core.

He breathed her out, liberation to the air,

Rippling against a Illusion austere,

And their lives respired anew,

And yet...the ghouls little knew...


The ghouls had swung

With the swing of a rusty pendulum,

Back in time,

Before she was born.

A new star had come up.

Not the old sun.

The horizon was red,and blue,and green

And shooting stars littered the dusk ,sheen.

For once she knew she didnt have a rebirth.

She was born from the child in her mind.

She was born ,now, never to die.


She stepped across.

Through the frozen fire,

Past the blue moors,

Over the red hillocks,

Onto the sandy shores,

She had stepped across.

Into a world of the quaint

Where the dire was restrained,

And the fairies would water her temple-tree.

That hand she had held,

On her lover's trail,

It had no name,just a futurity.

It had no address,just the present touch,

It had no kin,

Just a home-coming past.

And she awaited till the day would be,

She could walk barefoot over the sea,

She could feel the windy graze,

And she would know,

At the heart of her maze,

She was,she wasn't a mere she...

...She was on the porch,today,

Come what day ,may,

Come she had,

On the porch of her destiny.

Had no one felt this way before?

When today seem to slowly unfold,

When the carpet would roll,

Down the stairs

Land at your feet in a single layer?

Like the future and past ,

Her all firsts and lasts,

Her mown and unsown,

All,a flicker,would threat and dare,

And love and laugh,

In one single flare.

That drizzle would then seem fateful,

And that soft fall of the petal...

That she wished she could have held,

With its sisters,in her palm.

And in her palm,the world,for her,

Would seem to graze,the world around the worlds,

And on her day, she is a world,

A woman,a girl, And right now,right today...

Come what may.

Shut out your vision and you will see,

You are at the porch of your destiny.


There is a myth,of a death long ago,

Its all over the papers and the radio.

The girl they say who survived

The attempted slaughter

At the hands of an archive,

Of promises kept and freedom

In words bestowed.

Of promises stolen,

Down the hill,from the highway,

By the river,in a den.

Dead,declared before the press,

Who was she,she who is distressed?

The beats were gone,

Her final cremation about to begin,

When with a sky-renting gasp,

She returned,

Eyes two slits,red,furious,

And then tearful,the next.

God had given her a second chance,

But why does she still bear fury?

Angel from heaven,they call her.

Yet,as days roll by,quiet by night,

Sees into forsaken lives,she does.

There's the blood of her kind,

Shed in her own hands,

...When she is asleep by night...

Wrenching the night-air,

She awakens the sleeping world---

Save that soul,that bleeds to death,

Her screams explodes in my head.

Forces protect that girl in her head,

Who sleeps in peace in her soft bed.

Night past,scurrying footsteps,

The Devil is here.Death smiling in His wrath.

Death stumbles,grovels in the Dark.

His Light that betrayed him makes

His eyes unseeing.

The hour dismissed,the bells ring.

The girl is alive.

She shall live.

But an hour may not go to waste,

The Devil turns to the ghouls in haste...

And She,falls back to her sleep,

To talk to the Devil,

To discuss his defeat.

In her dreams,they make love,

For Devil has given her...

One second chance.

She tossed askew

The rings of Light,

Where they scorched a hole...

In the sky.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chaos in Midnight

Forces of nature,
Rear their heads,
Woken up from their age-old lumber.
Memorising the scriptures,
Running notes and graffiti,
Theory of Chaos roars.

Walk in the middle of the night,
Eyes of Darkness upon my silhoutte,
The eyes of Judgement and Bindings dream,
Into the Forbidden Lands;
Salt in the air,of rusted layers,
Borne with lives,and all mere lives.
A hurried rustle of a lost page,
In the dimming halogen glow;
Abandoned shack of a homeless some,
No one to shelter from the din ashore--
In the middle of the night,
I walk,
Whereto I was swept.

Crept out of my bed,
Silent stealth,
Knowing its wrong,
Who will know?
And return by the green ripples in the dark grass
In the peering gaze of a shy sun,
Before the flowers sing,
When the West is still not pink.
Who will know?

Fear beats down
The leap of freedom in this heart,
As dew rains,
Infant leaves totter,
Dripping in the morning rain,
Washed of sweat,
Only the sweet scent of freedom lingers,
I walk,
Whisk past the last trace of night,
Past the bookshelf with books I would rather not read,
Past the whistle of a distant night-keeper,
Back in my bed,
Wherefrom faraway I had been swept.
Is that wrong?

Chaos in the midnight of a red sun,
Staggering in its axis,
Towards freedom,is
But the chaos of throttled collisions,
Between right and wrong...
Chaos is the distant town,
In the small country of Freedom,
In the world of a little girl's mind.
Little girl living alone,orphaned at birth.
Mother,Father living in the room above her small bed,
Little girl sits alone,
Staring at the blind boy across from her window
Chaos reigns as irrational mangles she breaks,
Chaos laughs as across she is,
And then serene...a wind blows.
Door is ajar,the smallest sunshine trickles in,
The people above her bed rushes in
At the sight of the midnight light,
Chaos,she laughs from across with the boy,
The People can only stare...
They can only wonder...

Is She blind...?

Forces of Nature goes back to seat,
As Chaos is the right now,
Sun in the middle of the night,
And the moon hangs low.
All at peace,deep asleep.
Chaos is the woven dreams,
Mistakenly ventured into the Forbidden Lands.
Chaos is the mistaken norms,
That presided over her throne,
Chaos is the new door standing ajar,
Let the children run into the fields of May...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

To love Fear is to Fear None...

Swallowed by the Sands of Time,
Basking in the Shadows of Hands of Time,
Swept in that are the seconds gone by,
When I had sat,with breathe abated…

In the wallows of Darkness stark,
Encircled by the rings of bark,
Which tell Time---but of Fall alone…
When leaves green turned austere yellow.
Like the blurred flicker of a Mirage.
Mirage majestic,mirages of Life,
Mock my Strife,
With bitterness of this reality.
Galloping Mirages,beautiful mirages,
Bellow my scarf,as my wings embrace them closer…

But this pitch black night,
Engulf my sight,
I am weak,I am blind.

Old lady on the Boulevards of Light,
Smirks at me,but smirks beseechingly.
Old Lady with white cloudy hair,
Trail they do into the Unmarked land of Black lagoons,
Rags of satin,tremble as faces,
Implore they do,Children unbornt,shriek so alone I hear,
Alone my heart shatters to their shrieks of unplayed games,
--On many a night when I crouched upon Solitude’s knees--
While they then all fade away…
Children of Fearsome Nights,all die away…
A breathe a beat,rasping struggles and eternal defeat,
Rattling wind,through shuttered windows,
Reptlian strength strangles the lilac of the night sky....
Till ghastly faces linger
Among tree branches.
Do you close your eyes...when a shaft of light surprises you through the dark?
...Through the shuttered window?

But then…
Tonight when Darkness deem as a depressed soul,
Caged, it cries,in the cage of unlit rooms,
While at the corner of mine,
A vase that stands,never had a bloom,
Shall breed.
Watch how the Dusk creeps and crawls up high,
Feeding upon Sun’s pride,till it shines,
No more…
Behold,the throne of Mother Night,
Overtaken is Mother Nature,
Old is past,night shall triumph,
And Demons to Nature shall now redeem.

The glassmirror beside the Clock of Time
Is but another hourglass itself.
Reflect it does my lonely hours, as addiction to pain pills
Meander into pain confessed.

In this Dark,hark my emptiness,
Shall be rewritten in ink black.
I need no sight,I am blind.

No Night is black if you look up to the star-studded skies at 2,
One day mauve,another pink,hues shift like the Fall of leaves green.
Like a black drop in your tears,a smeared scarlet space
Of blood endearing loss in love,vigor in defeat, serendipitous pain
A black drop once,now the life that runs through your and mine veins.

Out of the Darkness,into the smallness of moon on my floor,
Shall be bound the Old woman in rags,
Witch of all Time,burnt be at stake
I lick the black flesh of Darkness.
My wait is over,my breathe whistle out,
The Shadows of Time has passed this Fearsome Night,
Dawn twitters,petals unfurl,
I am bitter,as at my feet thy shadow curls...into nothingness..
But...Shadows of the Hands of Time shall renew regime,
Speak I shall to the old lady on the boulevards of Light.
In my kingdom of Night.
Past the Twilight...
After midnight....

Friday, July 13, 2007

Feather from my Angel

Painting in colors of dreams--
Dreams though,they say are colorless--
A canine being sees grey red,and silver grey yellow,as;
Finding solace in the depths of the pillows,
I'm a painter who paints.
Artsy.Full of disdain.
Drinking from the Lake of sorrow,
Sorrow they say is a dry emotion.
Lake Avenue,without a Lake.
Embracing the serene abysmal darkness,
I'm a digger who digs up springs.
Springy.Shone by shadow in the face.
Then a scratch on the dream-canvas,
Tears tumble from the Lake.
Dissolving all that was colored apart.
Just a scratch.
Everything else is so beautiful.
But the scratch.
In the wrong place.Water spurt in my face.
Shadow in my face...walk in my pace.

Then Angel from the haven of the Forgiven,
Come to me.
Angel's wings envelop the sky.
I cant see the dark sky.
I thought I was dreaming.I thought...
It was night.

Angel.You blind me.Let me see.
I struggle,against the dazzle of Light.
Bright Light.

And then I open my eyes.
And I see...
Feather plumes embellishing the scratch,or...
A feather disguising the scratch,or...
a Feather in its place.
Feather from my Angel's wings... save all my dreams.
A humble the Lake.
Just a feather...
To live to tell the Story of my mistake.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Writing in a Forgotten Diary........

Life's gud...
Or so it is when I want it to be...
When I have nothing else to want.
Boredom makes one restless,and yet...
Too lazy to do anything about it.
You wanted to know,right?
The daytime TV told me I need to lose twenty pounds,
Look at me and tell me,do I?
I have changed much since last you knew me.
My hair is longer,I tried getting silver streaks,
Ended up losing hair.
See that dress?Remember your 16th birthday?
It used to be pink.
Now its all peach.Time bleaches.
Sometimes erodes, my study-table,
Under the eternal electric lamp.
Whose phone number are you looking for there?
Crazy Pinky?
Works at a bar in Mumbai.
Or the Gloom-Queen Usha...perhaps...?
I dont know...but she's not here.
Their adresses aren't here.I keep them away from the lamp.
The Light.
Dont take me wrongly.Its just that...
Something may happen and they may catch fire.
But...yet,I have lost touch with all old friends?

Got a fag?
Sorry,I see you're surprised?
I went up and down the fagging alley,
Dont worry.I've quit.
Won't ask for your cigarette.
Dont worry.
You were wanting to know about my life...I think...

I have ceased being a healthfreak.That twenty-pound thing was just for looks.
Nothing medical.
I have lesser cough-bouts now though.Great,isnt it?
Why the long face?
I was talking about my other kind of cough.Not the smoker's...
Remember how I used to find it hard to breathe....
How I'd gather the air about I was drinking them...
I almost forgot to tell you.
They chopped off that Tree we had a midnight chewing-gum feast on.
(Yes,I tried...believe me.)
Followed by me catching a cold that made me miss...
The Year-book photoshoot.

I wasnt really drunk that day.
You dont believe I drink,do you?
Just very sick...tripsy with tiredness.
I know I said so,but it wasnt so...I swear...on...
On our time-capsule in my backyard.
Its probably destroyed by the flood by now,anyways.

I have new friends now.
They dont like pink.
But Pink is all I have.
They wear skulls and pirate rings.
Tacky,I know.But they're friends.
They say pink suits me,so does black.And yellow,and red.
So they're friends.
We prowl the strangest places at the quaintest times of the night.
Nude-feet and alcohol our comrades.
Oh,yes...I do drink now.
But you should come with us...One day.
Where did you go?
You wanted to know about my life,now....
Didnt you?