Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Graying Moondust--The Song

I'm looking at the mosaic floor,
Thinking of heaven
In front of unopened doors,
I try to go insane.

Through the wickerwork,
Of my crystal bed,
Everything's blurring out,as reality fails!

And sanity goes...goes...goes...
Sanity goes....

The plaster is peeling off,
Hope the bricks will follow in its wake.
Maybe the sun will shine through,
Maybe,out there,its day.

In the many layers of the wall,
A dead child's artwork lay
Merging with the damp patches of the cursed rain!

Sanity goes...goes ...goes
Sanity goes.

The windows seem bigger now
With the painted panes broken.
The hinges were rusted when
The silver chest was stolen.

Upon a wintry night,
By a poor famished man.
Haven't undone the wreckage,ever since he left!

Sanity goes...goes...goes
Sanity goes.

The staircase is eroded
By the incessant footfalls,
Cracked in all places,
As the terrace stands tall.

The doors are all caved in,
By storms and earthquakes,
Stuck in this madhouse,how will I escape!?

Sweet, sweet Insanity,
Please,please,talk to me.
Rise now,its not time yet,
For you to go to bed.

Burn illusions into my vision,
Dilute my pain in tears of delirium!
Oh,Sweet Insanity,do stay up with me,
When I die for you,do remember me?

Hallucinating through all Life,
Now I feel so free,
To hope,it was all a dream,I was never me...

Sanity goes..goes...goes...
For Sanity goes...goes...goes..
Sanity goes......

Oh,Sanity goes.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


We make daylight down in the dungeons.
Fumes of our Craft just turned gold.
In the cyclical hour to rejoice,what we make
Hear us clink glasses,sip our own blood?

Mesmerised by fear,we work through,
For Master of the crown,his sovereign rule.
And she watches away,her black eyes unblinking,
She toils away,but her wounds are yet to sink in.

And she sees...She sees..oh she sees...what she sees...

The fingers blue of tormented souls
Of dead soldiers still linger here.
Mirrors uncracked,thats forbidden here,
So Light can't reflect your fear.

Our golden brew is as good as the real,
Bask in its lustre,feel the heat on your palms.
The dark dungeon is nor dark,nor cold,anymore.
The daylights in our cauldrons will make us calm.

The Master always anticipates a betrayal,
He smiles,sadistically,for he knows us. 
She,with the sun fresh in her memory,
Looks upto the ceiling,where the sky should be.

And she screams...She screams..oh she screams...what she screams...

I want to see the darkness revealed,
In the light of the crusades,how heroes feel,
I want to find,a tower high,
That the creature called Fear can't ever climb.

And they work away,
Upto the oasis after Life.
To rise over their sorrow,
By forgetting Little Life.
They smile away,
Through the stench of sweat,
To overthrow fear,
By covering the wounds that bled.

Darling,dont you know how to scream,
Look under your bed.And scream!
Child,oh child,when we die,
Dont be like us,please,please.Cry!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Divine Return

I'm cornered in a web
Of glittering stars,
Waiting for it to go dark,
As sweet music accuses me,
From far afar,
Intruder you belong elsewhere.

Where have I gotten myself to,..I wonder...
Oh,I wonder...

I was running last I recall,
Racing ,escaping my shifting shadow,
Its a game,a little boy had discovered,
When I kissed the blue lips of sorrow.

Someone is watching over me,always...always..

As I watch her die slowly,
Seperate from this childish me,
Shedding the last layer of sigh,
The Ghouls are shrieking to break free.

In a remote village,a babe is born.

And the sombre saga leaves me not,
Death's bliss is not enough,as I'm caught...
 In the shadows of glittering stars.

Its you alone,why I'm still ungone,
A ghost,a phantom,a registered no one.
Unlocking the mesh of glittering stars,
I descend to be near you,from far above.