Thursday, October 4, 2007


Blue desert's empty threat,
Softness against emptiness,
Take my soul and lead the way,
Raise me from the dust of grave.

The fearful tonight chants for the rain,
For fear of what their sins have made.
My feet are feminine,ethereal even,
They leave no trace upon the gravel.

I come home,to walk away,
   Bolt the locks,keep the curtains raised.
So I can still see your face
Do not try to reach me unless...

I whisper inside your head.

Flower in the desert I was then,
When they made me forsaken.
Now I prowl by night that prays
For deliverance from my sway.

Everything is changing,inside of me,
A brutal beast,forever thirsty.
Guilt weeps alone silently,
As I savour the new strength in me.

I come home,to walk away,
Watch me fade slowly away,
Evanescent,like the tongue of a flame,
Vanishing from the all photoframes,
I come home,to walk away
Extinguishing lights of the midnight train.

I'm coming home,to walk away,
Bolt the locks,keep the curtains raised.

Do not try to reach me unless,

I whisper inside your head...

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