Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A day in My Life

Now is the Death of Today…
With the eye of the storm
Looking away when I pray
Pray, pray…
Please come!
It never comes.
Take me in,
It never does,
Sweep me away,
It never hears.
Pass me on,
It never does.
Take me on,
It never dares.

In the dying light
Of the earth of clay and mold.
So understood by life
There seems to it no more.

Dreamless in my sleep
With the door unlatched.
Shadowland holds still
When I speak
Speak ,speak…
In my sleep.
Outside nothing stirs.
Pass me on
It never does.
Take me on
It never dares.
Take me in
It never does.
Sweep me away
It never hears.

In the onset
Of escapade to abysmal noon,
I do not plan
My return even when pain’s gone.

Pain, it tempts a good excuse to run from my silent river.
Pain,there’s a hundredth reason why I should yet falter.

Now that
The night of writhing’s left to dry.
Time finds
The time to tick back to my old life.

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