Friday, December 14, 2007


I'm lifted,ungifted,

Down by my dreamvessel of a pond,
Our pieces swim,discretely prone.
Now that you begin to unfold,
I start to walk alone.

Scarlet rose between us,the Rose of Death,
Dries in my notebook,mere flower pressed.
Giving me the reign of my own sky,
Gods of the sands conceal themselves.

My pieces weep for you,
When I try to flee,
Return my pieces,
My pressed flowers,
All to me.
Before you flee...

I'm reaping,not sleeping,
Creeping for hold.
Love was always red,still is,bleeding.
Roll the dice on the floor I lie upon.
Detached,but always to be waiting.
Yet I walk alone.

But insanity creeps up my pond-reeds,
As you shine your greentorch on all thats me.
My pieces take flight deep underneathe,
Help me,find them,I'm losing me.

My love is varnished
In the mildew flave of a morning,
I know
Forever to be.
You seek me,I hear,
I know.
Let go,help me let go.
Or find me.

My pieces have held patience,
When I tried to flee,
Return my pieces,
My little poets
All to me.

Before you flee...

I can see you flee...
My pieces walking in your shadow.
Will they never be mine again?
They love you more than me...
So I plea,I plea,
Return them to me.
Dont flee,dont flee.
Stay with them,in me.


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