Sunday, March 28, 2010

Your Urchin

I know the Gods are crying this time

For their blessings back,

Promising this wretched urchin a soul,

No fingers crossed in that…

But this urchin just wants to drown

And take the city along,

Smirks and sways in its last raindance,

Laughing its last rain-song…

I am that urchin without a soul

Clawing and feeling my way,

Craving for space between your restless eyes,

Wishing you would look away…

Distance and time fall short with me,

As I chase my conscience,

Distance and time run on stilts

As you chase my confessions…

When the fault-lines around my mind

Give in to rabbit-holes,

You shall fall and disappear

With only what you know…

My laughter will ebb,

So will the tears…

And the rest of my raindrops;

But who shall pray

For this wretched urchin now…

When you’re crying with the Gods?

1 comment:

Sushant said...

It was a wonderful read..liked the end especially..!!