Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cold Vaccine---a bold new decade----

Slow cold, bold syringe
On flaky skin, violated;
Labored breathe, rhythmless,
Serpentine splash of fountain angels;
Blister eyes, parched crystal lips,
Booms of sky,exploding;
Thoughtless shadow-stalker,
Ripples of crows,
An end of day,
A beginning without an end...

They celebrate.

I have my name etched
On sleeping awakenings.
Thus they will rise
No reason to abhor,
Only fall leaves to rake...
Only a reason to stay awake.
But a stupid repeater, a sluggish hinge
Shall not reveal me
Or my snow-syringe...

I perpetuate.

Crushed leaves,
Heartless sleeves,
Simpleton one-faced pennies
And simpleton fountain angels...
Will surround me forever,
I am here to be around...
Cold,pallid, anonymous,
The same every year abound.

But I will be warm, I will be known
Someday...when the world runs cold
I will seem loud!
For now,till then,
I am here...frozen.
But for this year,yet again...
I am simply now...

I am only here.

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