Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where She Lay

Virile, the Nile
Does flow serpentine
Repentant for the ghosts
By the knights in the
Not-so-shining armours
Nile, bleeding Nile---
Does she bid her time
To crime, to blight
The skulls piled
In her bed, volatile?

She swells and

She is a friend
Of a chiaroscuro of Neverland
And the end of the world,
Where she raves and rants
A nymph, a grail,
A grant, or simply a hated,
Denigrated termagant---
Who loves a wingless bird,
A harried scavenger,
A reckless philanderer
But does she kill
To bring
The one she loves
Into the light across the train-wreck?

She purses her lips and

Her vivid red, pull-over,
Awry in the rover
Draft in the air, seducing her hair
Away from her lachrymose glimpse,
That rests on an old nemesis
And draws to a nascent closure
In the sudden epiphany that...even her nemesis
Can open its mouth to a kiss
And her heart beats with ecstasy,
Only ecstasy to envision
That if her own version of Hate can love,
And make her Love what she should hate,
Then Love can defy…hate
As she,till then,knew it.
Did she let down her hood
And pray for good
That from her new found faith
She would never need to sway?

She cried and
Laughed again.


arnab said...

hmm....mostly bout way of xpressin the feelings....

arnab said...

a pre valentine....

LyssAbyss said...

hmm...well,maybe.never thought of it as a pre valentine...but i guess u cud say.:P

arnab said...

bt it actually turnd out to be "a pre valentine..."


LyssAbyss said... we both say,valentine's day and all shit...overhyped.I'd rather regard everything important outside the timeline surrounding the overhyped day.Vday...more like D-day...:P