Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All the words I know...That Rhyme.

(I have been alleged of complicating matters in my head.
I have been accused of taking petty emotions and turning it into a maelstrom of turbid psycho-emotional conflicts.
I have..been asked to simplify, liquefy, clarify what I am saying, what I am feeling...
Alright.I will...I will.)

When I stop what I feel,
I won't feel what I have killed,
I won't kill to reveal---
I will stand away from---my nemesis to defeat.

When I squirm in my revel,
I stop to marvel
What a wonder, I quell
The tremors,I laugh at my lucid drunken gait.

And you perfectly rhyme,
Even with my masked pantomime,
Like this white crime,
The whiteness that I prevaricate.

It was a mistake.You shouldn't have.

A lie.
I would be lying.
If I told I am trying...
To make it any simpler, for any of us.

A white lie,
I would be tying,
To your wrist of pining
Tourniquets, and repeated cadavers
Of dust.

If I hurt you,
I'm sorry to have loved you like mine.
If I pushed you away,
You said sorry too many times...

Or no...I tried...

Was that a smile?

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