Thursday, September 20, 2007

Divine Return

I'm cornered in a web
Of glittering stars,
Waiting for it to go dark,
As sweet music accuses me,
From far afar,
Intruder you belong elsewhere.

Where have I gotten myself to,..I wonder...
Oh,I wonder...

I was running last I recall,
Racing ,escaping my shifting shadow,
Its a game,a little boy had discovered,
When I kissed the blue lips of sorrow.

Someone is watching over me,always...always..

As I watch her die slowly,
Seperate from this childish me,
Shedding the last layer of sigh,
The Ghouls are shrieking to break free.

In a remote village,a babe is born.

And the sombre saga leaves me not,
Death's bliss is not enough,as I'm caught...
 In the shadows of glittering stars.

Its you alone,why I'm still ungone,
A ghost,a phantom,a registered no one.
Unlocking the mesh of glittering stars,
I descend to be near you,from far above.

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