Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Graying Moondust--The Song

I'm looking at the mosaic floor,
Thinking of heaven
In front of unopened doors,
I try to go insane.

Through the wickerwork,
Of my crystal bed,
Everything's blurring out,as reality fails!

And sanity goes...goes...goes...
Sanity goes....

The plaster is peeling off,
Hope the bricks will follow in its wake.
Maybe the sun will shine through,
Maybe,out there,its day.

In the many layers of the wall,
A dead child's artwork lay
Merging with the damp patches of the cursed rain!

Sanity goes...goes ...goes
Sanity goes.

The windows seem bigger now
With the painted panes broken.
The hinges were rusted when
The silver chest was stolen.

Upon a wintry night,
By a poor famished man.
Haven't undone the wreckage,ever since he left!

Sanity goes...goes...goes
Sanity goes.

The staircase is eroded
By the incessant footfalls,
Cracked in all places,
As the terrace stands tall.

The doors are all caved in,
By storms and earthquakes,
Stuck in this madhouse,how will I escape!?

Sweet, sweet Insanity,
Please,please,talk to me.
Rise now,its not time yet,
For you to go to bed.

Burn illusions into my vision,
Dilute my pain in tears of delirium!
Oh,Sweet Insanity,do stay up with me,
When I die for you,do remember me?

Hallucinating through all Life,
Now I feel so free,
To hope,it was all a dream,I was never me...

Sanity goes..goes...goes...
For Sanity goes...goes...goes..
Sanity goes......

Oh,Sanity goes.

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