Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rapunzel,Rapunzel,Where do you hide?

As Night is simmered in radiating heat,
You can see a glimmer,of a radiant spirit,
Where the bed wasn't made,on the other side,
You wish to be there,you try to deny,
You fall to your pillows,the confession stand,
With truth they betray you,deny you can't

Fastened to despondence,
Responding to only lunatics,
Suppressed by the fear of this dusk,
I am sure its the work of hypnotics.

Something is taking me piece by piece,
Undoing the closures,smoothening every crease.

Come away from the valley of composure,
Terminate my pride for my closures,
I'm grieving under the stars of fortnight,
Wishing to come undone.
I've left my home,and all my statues.
You and me,all undone.  

As the fervent dreamer,sanctifies his greed,
This pride flickered,furious but timid.
But where I wished to melt through the floor,
I'm melting out of my footholds,
I'm a sinner to deny the love that flowed,
Trying to touch me,but touched mere cold.

As I let go,of the hunger that never showed,
I feel cratfted by a devious religion,
I have to let go,or I may never know,
How twisted I might have been.

Something is taking me piece by piece
Undoing all closures,reason eclipsed.

Come for me where I lie static,
Warm,and undone.
Seek me where I breathe steady,
Serene,and undone.

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