Sunday, November 23, 2008

Raincoat- The Song

Just when it seems like the rain’s been on my shed all day,
It strikes the roof at once and trickles slowly down the walls…
And awakens the mud-buried secrets of the talkative earth
As it breathes a misty sound on my window, I hear it all…

And I can’t wait…..
For it to join the hustle,
And I can’t wait…
For it to hit a puddle,
To knock on its door and jump back like it’s afraid,
But slowly after many a while, dissolve…
In this raincoat of the world.

Your lips have been so dry; it tries to divide your mind,
Your thoughts swim clearly under the frozen lake….
Hollow creek and Eden seems fairly much closer
Than the horizon I chase all day, for just your sakes…

So I can’t take….
What you have for me, my heart---
So I can’t take….
It belongs to nobody, my pulse---
What is your life but a piece of the plan that life must be.
But slowly after many a while, it makes sense…
We’re the raincoat of a big mess.

But look here I am standing, letting this rain shape on me.
Now when I reach out, you will see the horizon lean on me
Along with the blur of blurred paint
In the many raincoats of rain….

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