Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dancing, till she Entranced...

In a flash, the grubby water,
As the cough of an old man,
Spilled out of the gutter,
And began its tragic dance…
Dancing, till it entranced
All humid, stymied passer-bys,
Bidding a slow-motion goodbye,
As it faded, in some heroic stance,
Dancing, till it entranced…
I’ve walked lonely paths of bloom,
But never have I ever so chanced
Upon waters so alive, so at home,
So inanely oblivious, and human,
Dancing, till it entranced…
Dancing till it entranced…
At the mouth of the frail gutter,
It gurgled raspy, with the angst,
Of a soul, marooned in some desert,
Like his last swig from the drained flask.
Collapsing into a flaccid rant…
Dancing till it entranced…
Weight of the world,its not me,
Blame the legions of impurity
And this flaimg blaming game.
I'll be dancing all the same.
I feel water, under my breathe,
Faceless; exposed my flawed soul.
I see water, when thus leak my eyes,
The hunger stay on untold.
I hear water, in ared-hot hiss,
It lingers quite white,volatile.
I am water, dirtiest of the drain,
I grime, I dry, but I never quite die.

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