Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Lust of Wind- The Return to Roots

The constant and overpowering wafting of the scent of the rain that never came drove me crazy all day...and you were so beautiful. If not nature, you were...covered in the muck and sweat from the earth and air of all the places you took me with you...for all the cringing of my heart, I could never believe I betrayed you myself...

In the flickering torment
Of light and leaves,
Who shall win
The half-hearted wind?
Beneath the sunshine
Of the neon eaves,
I stand nowhere
I can rise and sink.
And in a trance and a sore-eyed blink
The lust vaporized as you walked in…

The freedom thrust
Into the incessant traffic,
Livid with the clatter
Of emerald hope,
Lingered long till
A crimson brick
Wall stood between you
And my road…
The lust returned as an impatient child,
And ran, it ran escapist and wild…

Dates of my diary,
Charred holes in pages
And cigarette butts
Nipped till the ends
No runaway homage,
Just a rampage,
Of the loveless miser,
Voiceless tramp.

And the wind is gone,
The light disappears,
It starts to rain…
Ecstatic,the leaves quiver…

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