Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5/01/2010; Status---Connecting Dots.

You came, we came, I lied, you left, I left, we left.

And ‘left’ can never be set right.

You discovered the truth, I panicked, I blushed, you understood, we understood.

‘Understood’ stands over us now. Tall exclamation points here and there.

I lied again.And again. And again. You overlooked…

‘Overlook’ still looks down upon us.Dotted with dots and dots and dots…everywhere.

I connect them.Like fireflies in the sky.And stars in the backyard.

Like fireflies and stars.And you now.

I can see you in the dark, squint an eye, reach out in my mind, but remain satisfied with only connecting the little points in the sky or backyard where you all are.The little points in my life where you were.Where you all were…the twinkling points of light.

So connecting dots now.

Skipping points and connecting all over again.

And Over.


hoodoo said...

Excellent, excellent. So strong, so ruthless, so serene an expressionn. Excellent.

Smiling Assassin said...

marvellous! I could connect with this. It moved me.