Friday, January 1, 2010

Two Millenia and One Decade

Sceneries whip by

A deserted lore,

A two-lover whore

Of undesired memories…

Slink in the dark depths

Of her sweet-smelling hair

And she is sanguine

Knowing it’s a past affair.

Her devoted mind

Is always nostalgic,

Of broken bricks

In the wall of memories…

That moistens her throat

On sultry days

Leaves her thirsty,

Knowing it’s a new decade.

Her heart does throb,

Her ears are vigilant,

Her wrists do tingle

With the abated breathe…

For new memories

Her body does pine.

Her past is in the past,

And everything of hers…

Everything she was…

Is now a feisty temptress,

A chaste semblance

Of a new time.

Her sweet-smelling hair

Singes in the chemical fire…

And her breathless voice

Slows down to a noise,

Just a noise now…

And her dreams crash

Upon a new asphalt road

And cobwebs of concrete

Where she’s lost in the crowd…

And picked up again.

By a hand in the subway,

A hand that brushes away

A singed lock

Of her sweet-smelling hair…

Casting the shadow of a memory,

A memory burnt to ashes with the bricks;

A memory born again to her lustful embrace

In the light of her disgruntled desires and dreams,

And she with her singed hair and broken voice

Feels beautiful yet again.

Knowing it’s a new affair…

Knowing its not the old year…

Knowing its not the same here


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