Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poetry Aside

Incandescent epiphany,
Poetic broad skies,
Dirt-studded nails
And languid sleepy eyes
A frozen dream,in the rear-view mirror...
A growing dot behind.
A new dream being born to someone ,somewhere

And another demise;

New city horizons,
A driver's cautionary tale,
Homeless bum dragging a plastic-box along it
And a dead dog,by its dead tail.

A hinged, narrow-mind
Livid with cropped notions
Stymied, suddenly, in the faded bus-window...

Hoarse from the brimming
With walls and lines,
Brimming with the hoarse
In the little,cropped scrap
Of the impassive sky.

And a concrete-and-coal-tar road seemingly so alive,
Lets the sky breath, and humans too
And drowsy weeds in its hindsight;
Why can a thought, a mind then not be...
Beacon to the blind---
Be this dead, speechless road
Basking in twilight?

A poetic broad epiphany
Incandescent skies,
And languid dreamer's sleepless new eyes...


..oceanheart.. said...

i have no right to comment on this..but i will.

made my day. once. :)

..oceanheart.. said...

and relax..i'll start writing again soon.

need to see a bit more, hear a bit, learn a bit more..and then i'll start.

LyssAbyss said...

Aww,I'm just glad u read it.:)
And just write whatever shit comes to need to be so conscious about it...
bottom-line---keep writing.'cause we want phish products!now! :P