Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ticker Tocker

The longer the ticking of the clock persists, the longer the minutes become.I sit at the nook of my room, a carefully slant edge of the floor and stalk the second-hand of the wall-clock with my heartbeat on its tow...or so I think.I take a deep breath, tell myself it will soon pass.I will get up from that nook and pick up that phone and make that dreaded phone call.But just as certain that I don't get up, the call never happens either.Never.
The songs of the melancholy seek me out and forbid me. The playlist never ends---it is on a repeat mode.
There, there...they say.You didnt deserve this.So you shall conquer it.Never shed tear for those that knows not its value.

But how....???
I know the why's...someone tell me the 'how'...

Either that,or make Time stop.The relentless tick-tocks are waste on the stubborn doldrums of this heart.
And the wind never blows either way..

1 comment:

Calypso said...

u kno the how babe.. ;P