Friday, September 24, 2010

Under,Under You

A tuning fork rings a bell
In the hindsight of certain mumblings
On a hoarse midnight wave.
I tried to redeem
The need to hush
The echo of the fork...
But it stings the underneath
Of my parched eyelids.A vein throbs...
Have I lost a battle, a leg or an eye...?
What does this mean...?
A part of my goodbyes
Bidding me to hide,
Hide in rose bushes,
Sleep under the stars,
Give my favourite star
A goodnight kiss,
Something to take pride in and
A taunting dream
Of a dramatic farce...

That lies come true...too...
When I slowly cease to dream
Of you every night,as I lie drenched,
Under you...
Under,under you.

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