Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some Idea of Peace

After all that's transpired,I am sanguine about only two things in life---
1.I am still alive and capable of humor.
2.I can't relinquish who I am.

The otherwise stable frame of my mind will never fade away just like that.Never give away.It will always cling to its I-am-right justifications and no matter how loud the other voice in my head screams back lessons that we had all learnt as kids, my vices, my eccentricities will always feel justified to themselves and hence...STAY.
Hence,here's my theory.
The ice-cream cones melt faster when you start slurping up its yumminess.In the absence of anyone to devour me in any way---good or bad--- in the so-called solitude...I can refrain from the inevitable meltdown longer.
Loneliness is good, solitude is constructive.
When there's nobody to fray it, the mind can hold its peace.In peace.

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