Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Shouted at a bunch of representatives of the testosterone-loaded imbeciles of the type "male" in the human genre.Sometimes,I think only women evolved...really! I sound immature? Like some crazy 15 year old chick with major daddy issues and a crush who never looks at her?Maybe.
But at least, maturity is relevant to me.Men on the other hand...never even learnt that word to begin with.How many guys look for maturity in girls?No,wait.They do.But that only lasts till upto early teens when by 'mature' they just mean a girl who can pick up his not-so-subtle hints,and acquiesce to satisfying his adolescent carnal needs.There's your reason for 25 year old balding creeps picking up 12-13 year old cute and bubbly juvies.Even today!
Anyways,as I was I shouted my months' worth of bottled up abhorrence-phobia-hate-distrust-pity,for all the men out there who have ever hurt me,off at these perfect samples of that class of humans.Plus,they had it coming.They were shouting the typical rant of eveteasing catchphrases, and I think giving them the middle-finger, together with 'Oh shut up and why don't you go back to your mother and fuck her.' was a little too much for everyone else on the road to hear...but...oh well....shut them up,dinnit?And..well, I felt damn good about it too!
I'm a humanist and a part-time tomboy.But I officially hate everything men stand general.(and that's just saying I love my daddy!)

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