Sunday, November 7, 2010

Twilight Clouds

You mouth to the twilight clouds
 Gasping for breath,
  You beg them to hold very still,
    Till your swing should come to rest;
     You cut the blue sands
      With your pink scrawny toes
       And you thank them
        Blessing them,
         The twilight clouds of the heavens.

On your way out,
You would stop and stoop
To shake a pebble out 
Of your balloon-printed shoes,
And leave the twilight forever
With their blessing to reap
A small gap in the clouds of November,
An eternity to your crib.

Girl, give me a lie,
A shame,smeared with your tears that dried
To hold me in peace
For the days I sigh,
A breath, full of rain from the heavens that dried
To hold me in peace
For the seconds I died...

Girl, give me a reason to smile.

1 comment:

arnab said...

ur poem is quite innovative and the way of expressing the emmotions is worth lukin at too......