Friday, August 19, 2011

The Hole

Hole in the heart,
I breath through you...
Let my sins,
In your sinews,
Turn taut and cold,
I forgive
The moon-crumbs
That shine iridescent,
Irate like the sun,
Through you.

Hole in this heart,
They seep like a flood---
From under the door,
Into the bedspread
And the pillows,
When the flower-vase falls,
And doesn't shatter,
By the gurgling water---

Through you.

Hole in the heart,
We part,
Like the lips
Of goodbye,
Or is that surprise
Knowing you siphoned
Us into this bloodbath...
And that I let you?
Pulse of my window
I will escape...
Into the red stream,
Of another lover's dream....
Through you.

Hole in the heart,
Filled up with changelings
Of dreams...
Never the real heart....
You were.

Always a would-be...
Last chance, say you will be...

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