Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Beyonders

She watched them in silence,numbed by their pain,
As she walked the draught,handing out medicines,
Killers of pain they swallow,pallid disdain
Etched upon the war-wounds in their skins.

He beheld her from afar,through smoke-laden evening air,
Its salty tang upon his bleeding knees mollified
As he spied through his poison ivy bush lair,
Humbled by her tears,his pain burnt as desire.

And their blank faces screamed,
We're fighting a losing battle.
Soon these flags will be tattered,
To shepherd bloodshed of hearts riddled.

But they gazed away,from the two ends
Like little lamplights across a tunnel,
While battle roared and thrashed before them
Their eyes remained in each other's shakles.

Someone yelled to her,kill him,
He will slaughter you like cattle.
But all was quiescent,under the carcass,
He fought a losing battle.

A sword clanged to the haven of Death,
Nobody turned at a halt,
He stood armless,
A brief look as of funeral,
And the swords clashed on,
His limp demeanour fell in prayer
Pledge to forgiveness,
Unto Mighty Warrior's Song.

A smile lingered on his lips,
Ghost of a kiss lurked on his cheeks.
Lilting notes can be heard still
From where he sleeps.

As the battle runs deep,
Nobody knows where he sleeps
Mellow,forgiven betrayal reaps...

Somewhere...can be heard lilting notes,
Of his violin
As she rocks and knits wintercoats
And sews and sings,
With a smile at his frequent looks.
Somewhere far off, beyond the mongergames...
Yonder where no one will ever seek them...
Beyonders,they wield love in their name.
Beyond,they wield victory
The frosty battles could never claim.

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