Monday, August 6, 2007

Fossilised Innocence---Farewell to thy love!

Cradle of evolution is reopened.
Doldrum winds whisper apology to the sails again.
Dust of freedom in the pace of Mighty Stallion
Blinds the eyes of who binds his mane...

I stand numb to it all.

I still dread going upto the next class,
Still fear the floors above.
Classroom walls graffitied,engraved desks
Eke my song,farewell to thy Love!

Sins of my Time,sings behind---
Sins etched upon the ticklish lost godchild.
I walk the drunken lanes of Fortitude...
I walk drunken.

Little paper dingies and mindless drowning,
Right to fury for no reason at all---
I wish I could fly,again,to the Riversun,
And await the cliched hours to be cajoled back home.

But No one comes...
Not today...

Fireworks in the Autumn sky,
Luminiscent ink trickling down the curves
of the Great Dome---
Prayers that the prayers of the playrival be scorched,
Sapid in the forgiving twinkle
Of the Diabolical strip in the rainbow.

Lucid,calm,I am now.
The sweat of the day is now gone...

Whereto flew the pasteled pages of masterpieces,
"Playpark" and "Little Johnny's Raingames"---
Did it burn in the fireworks,or...
Did the dingy drown with it?---

Know not...

Playing knights and damsels of heavenhigh mansions,
Daring them to duel me,after Night falls all around me,
I dwindle away the night,middle of the destined alley,
Gazing through the mist that settles,...
Upon the silhoutte mistaken...
A new friend?
Will he tell me the way back home?

The Mistake of Age forbids now...
To be ever mistaken thus...ever again...

The song in my head,drives ahead.
Speedlimits whoosh past!
Then the tinkling of a void...
And the music screeches to an abrupt halt.

The growing lines of Forsaken misery,
---Misery of an adult's solitude---
Emanates a radiance Untold.
A lone kite entangled in Light,
Ripples all alone.

Snow-mantled fields in my dreams
Bury a spring once that bloomed.
I rush back leaving the river to purl alone,
For I know...
No one will come to cajole me home.
Not today...

Cradle of evolution is open again...
But I weep for the fossils of my Stone Age.
Days of Innocence---
Farewell to thy love!

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