Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Unforgivable Deception

 I have been long,
Standing strong,
Watching you appear,
And fast disappear.
Didn't you call me your playmate?
How could you be so innocent?
So perfect...always trying to catch the ice melt,
And now look what you have done.
You dissolved your own path....

Deliver me.
Deliver me from this plaque of right and wrong,
Don't want to stay so wronged.

Now you have me weakening,
Upon my own deceptive reflections.
Solitude spins a web of conscience,
Taking my trust from own self

While faces take your shape,
Asking me to love them back.
Kill this vision that haunts me so!

Locked doors try to captivate
Me with this sense of your presence.
And the night has me threatening me
Of exposure around sleep-talkings

While I struggle
To disentangle my shadows from yours.
Kill this vision that haunts me so!
Kill it!

Don't know what I want to say,
Whether I want them to know I repent,
Or whether I truly do at all,
Or if it is merely my selfishness
So I can finally find
Peace with my oldselves.

I have been long
Standing strong,
Watching you writhe in pain.
I have caught the ice melt,
Into my palms as I have let,
You slowly drain. 

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