Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lost Savior

The lost spring of last year
Never soaked in merriment so clear,
It reeks of sediment of fallen warriors
Of days of succumbing saviors.
Never hope to lose, or lose hope.
It’s a reminiscent day of the oak
White will the willow remain in dust
Of gravels at feet of a shattered crust
And mid-day suns, satin sky in burst,
Salvage and carnage in dance glorious.
Never hope to lose, or lose hope…
Estranged your might remain cloaked.

Will someone come close enough to kill
The one you were destined to shield?
Or is there someone to save her before
You come closer to her threshold?
Bear your name on your iron sword
Never forget or forgive what is sold,
Your soul is hers, and she yours
To protect and to heal against all odds.
Never hope to lose, or lose hope…
When end descends on your boat,
Let it take you to the unknown deeps
Where she shall be sleeping safe in peace,
And you can still guard her soul,
Till spring returns and sea-breeze blows…

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