Friday, December 26, 2008


I am brazen; I am brazen, despite your alchemy
I have no name; I have no name, after the mutiny.

God save all your cursed souls
Resplendent in the conscious terror
You shall live and I shall die
And I will have an end to my errors.

Futile is your deception blazed
By your beauty and treason.
Never mind what has passed,
The padre will find a reason…
At last you shall be with your lass
And I won’t watch you hovel on
With her, while loving me
Killing yourself slowly…

It’s a simple loophole, you overlooked?
It’s a shame, because I still love you…
Oh no, now I have to live!
I have to struggle to exist.

Stop calling my name, stop calling my name, to the winter,
I’m running, I’m running, just stop torturing the air.

They don’t know me,
I don’t breathe in them…
They won’t ever reach me,
I’m two steps ahead.
In the spotless dilemma of saving desires,
I am the nameless, estranged, standing heir.
I am the reason you all are here.
Aroused by the scent of today’s flowers...

I have betrayed your last claim on salvation
I will take away your blessings in carnation.
I am sorry to remember our magical bond,
To not be able to leave you alone…

Then the skies will brighten in the lights,
You and I shall stand distanced by heights,
Each in our peace humming the word
Lost shall be the mystique in the sword…
Lost shall be the enchanted palace,
Ours shall be a new year embraced.

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