Saturday, January 3, 2009


The tree of Hope
Grows a little more
Each time a leaf falls.
The branches wither,
But the roots dig deeper
In search for the last drop
On this planet of water….
I shall try to be like it,
I shall go on to fight it,
My hurt, your pain,
My sad, your sorrow,
My today, your tomorrow…

So what happens next?
I want to know, tell me what you know!
What happens next?

Maybe in this lifetime
If you don’t happen,
In another, and another…
Not you but maybe us.
We will…and then
There’ll be story in our name,
With our faces a fountain…
Do you listlessly gaze?
Into the bleary distance
On a soldier’s funeral
Walking down the hall?
Do you smell the wall
Where his fingers crawled,
And wonder whether
He was your savior?
And whether you were
Meant to be together?

I shall try to be like it.
I shall go on to fight it.
My hurt, your pain
My sad, your sorrow…
My today, your tomorrow…

The rest, I don’t know…

The tree of Hope is still here.
Where It sheds its leaves every year.

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