Saturday, January 3, 2009


When you hypnotized me, I saw what you wanted me to see.
When you memorized me, I forgot every reason I laughed at me.

I let you in.I let you understand me.

And you let me misunderstand who I am to me.

I let you see me.I let you see me naked.

Now I can't see myself..anymore...any way...

I made you high, I made you sigh heavy.

You let me down to my mirror suddenly.

I let you fill my skin.I let your hands trickle down me...

You let me tear myself out of my twisted origami.

Into a thousand disdainful pieces...

That will call you occassionally.

I Thank You. A thousand Million times.

I Thank You for understanding me.

Who I am...or was when you hypnotised me...

I can't trust me anymore...anyways.

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