Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Upon the 52nd week...

Its the Resolutions week again.

Here and there,on a virtual or real scrap of paper,they're all jotting down their quintessential inklings of what a resolutions' list should resemble.As I would myself.A pen,a scratch and a trail of stars to rate the priority of each n-th mostly-yet-unfulfilled resolution.A quintessential bridge of procrastinated and dud leftovers that will be recycled into the list for the next next year...and the next...till a year,perhaps like my 2010-11 should be staged for allowance of those void resolutions into a final reckoning that they'll never happen...they'll always retain that bad habit or that emotional quotient that will make them who they are today...are and to stay.

And perhaps I don't want to become a changeling to the mother of my brainchild...

So,my only resolution this year?
Can't say I'm a perennial river and neither does life follow a path etched in the sands...
So...Nothing.Nothing for me...New Year Santa.Nothing this year.


N.B:~*oh,but I shall try to be better to myself!I promise.Amen!*~

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-the silent assassin- said...

OMG! I was just think about writing a resolution related post! :D