Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I have a vision.
I will pull my braids,
Hold onto a red-hot curler
Get a pen and paper
And pretend I'm tired of all the thinking.
I have a reason.
The letter did not come,
Trashcan's overflowing
I'm sick of the sound of heater
And the doorbell's musical and it's still ringing.
I have a question.
When will the chocolate melt,
What is that patch still doing on my pillow
Where is the goddamn river
And how do you take photos without blinking?
I have a lesson.
The yelling does not help
I will never grow taller,
The skies are the opposites of mirrors
And the dog will always bark when I'm talking.

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KC said...

aahhaa.................. clever words! :D

like like like...