Monday, December 20, 2010


Toddler's know their way,
A path of their own;
Slower the night will fall
Sooner music will be gone.
The drumbeats will recede afar
And the snowfall will never begin,
This city will always be
A dumbbell's call to the heaven.
Will there be a day to pass
Without it passing you first?
Will there be a second to last
Without it lasting a second on your past?
There will always be that day
When the days will turn
And nights will wane,
There will always be those nights
When days will burn
And nights will pray...
Pray and pray,
Pray till the day
The sofas and the beds
Are buried under their own weights
Pray and pray
Pray till the night
The tables and the chairs
Are scorched for light....

We'll pray in that light.
For the day.Till that day.