Saturday, July 21, 2007

To love Fear is to Fear None...

Swallowed by the Sands of Time,
Basking in the Shadows of Hands of Time,
Swept in that are the seconds gone by,
When I had sat,with breathe abated…

In the wallows of Darkness stark,
Encircled by the rings of bark,
Which tell Time---but of Fall alone…
When leaves green turned austere yellow.
Like the blurred flicker of a Mirage.
Mirage majestic,mirages of Life,
Mock my Strife,
With bitterness of this reality.
Galloping Mirages,beautiful mirages,
Bellow my scarf,as my wings embrace them closer…

But this pitch black night,
Engulf my sight,
I am weak,I am blind.

Old lady on the Boulevards of Light,
Smirks at me,but smirks beseechingly.
Old Lady with white cloudy hair,
Trail they do into the Unmarked land of Black lagoons,
Rags of satin,tremble as faces,
Implore they do,Children unbornt,shriek so alone I hear,
Alone my heart shatters to their shrieks of unplayed games,
--On many a night when I crouched upon Solitude’s knees--
While they then all fade away…
Children of Fearsome Nights,all die away…
A breathe a beat,rasping struggles and eternal defeat,
Rattling wind,through shuttered windows,
Reptlian strength strangles the lilac of the night sky....
Till ghastly faces linger
Among tree branches.
Do you close your eyes...when a shaft of light surprises you through the dark?
...Through the shuttered window?

But then…
Tonight when Darkness deem as a depressed soul,
Caged, it cries,in the cage of unlit rooms,
While at the corner of mine,
A vase that stands,never had a bloom,
Shall breed.
Watch how the Dusk creeps and crawls up high,
Feeding upon Sun’s pride,till it shines,
No more…
Behold,the throne of Mother Night,
Overtaken is Mother Nature,
Old is past,night shall triumph,
And Demons to Nature shall now redeem.

The glassmirror beside the Clock of Time
Is but another hourglass itself.
Reflect it does my lonely hours, as addiction to pain pills
Meander into pain confessed.

In this Dark,hark my emptiness,
Shall be rewritten in ink black.
I need no sight,I am blind.

No Night is black if you look up to the star-studded skies at 2,
One day mauve,another pink,hues shift like the Fall of leaves green.
Like a black drop in your tears,a smeared scarlet space
Of blood endearing loss in love,vigor in defeat, serendipitous pain
A black drop once,now the life that runs through your and mine veins.

Out of the Darkness,into the smallness of moon on my floor,
Shall be bound the Old woman in rags,
Witch of all Time,burnt be at stake
I lick the black flesh of Darkness.
My wait is over,my breathe whistle out,
The Shadows of Time has passed this Fearsome Night,
Dawn twitters,petals unfurl,
I am bitter,as at my feet thy shadow curls...into nothingness..
But...Shadows of the Hands of Time shall renew regime,
Speak I shall to the old lady on the boulevards of Light.
In my kingdom of Night.
Past the Twilight...
After midnight....

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