Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chaos in Midnight

Forces of nature,
Rear their heads,
Woken up from their age-old lumber.
Memorising the scriptures,
Running notes and graffiti,
Theory of Chaos roars.

Walk in the middle of the night,
Eyes of Darkness upon my silhoutte,
The eyes of Judgement and Bindings dream,
Into the Forbidden Lands;
Salt in the air,of rusted layers,
Borne with lives,and all mere lives.
A hurried rustle of a lost page,
In the dimming halogen glow;
Abandoned shack of a homeless some,
No one to shelter from the din ashore--
In the middle of the night,
I walk,
Whereto I was swept.

Crept out of my bed,
Silent stealth,
Knowing its wrong,
Who will know?
And return by the green ripples in the dark grass
In the peering gaze of a shy sun,
Before the flowers sing,
When the West is still not pink.
Who will know?

Fear beats down
The leap of freedom in this heart,
As dew rains,
Infant leaves totter,
Dripping in the morning rain,
Washed of sweat,
Only the sweet scent of freedom lingers,
I walk,
Whisk past the last trace of night,
Past the bookshelf with books I would rather not read,
Past the whistle of a distant night-keeper,
Back in my bed,
Wherefrom faraway I had been swept.
Is that wrong?

Chaos in the midnight of a red sun,
Staggering in its axis,
Towards freedom,is
But the chaos of throttled collisions,
Between right and wrong...
Chaos is the distant town,
In the small country of Freedom,
In the world of a little girl's mind.
Little girl living alone,orphaned at birth.
Mother,Father living in the room above her small bed,
Little girl sits alone,
Staring at the blind boy across from her window
Chaos reigns as irrational mangles she breaks,
Chaos laughs as across she is,
And then serene...a wind blows.
Door is ajar,the smallest sunshine trickles in,
The people above her bed rushes in
At the sight of the midnight light,
Chaos,she laughs from across with the boy,
The People can only stare...
They can only wonder...

Is She blind...?

Forces of Nature goes back to seat,
As Chaos is the right now,
Sun in the middle of the night,
And the moon hangs low.
All at peace,deep asleep.
Chaos is the woven dreams,
Mistakenly ventured into the Forbidden Lands.
Chaos is the mistaken norms,
That presided over her throne,
Chaos is the new door standing ajar,
Let the children run into the fields of May...

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