Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Writing in a Forgotten Diary........

Life's gud...
Or so it is when I want it to be...
When I have nothing else to want.
Boredom makes one restless,and yet...
Too lazy to do anything about it.
You wanted to know,right?
The daytime TV told me I need to lose twenty pounds,
Look at me and tell me,do I?
I have changed much since last you knew me.
My hair is longer,I tried getting silver streaks,
Ended up losing hair.
See that dress?Remember your 16th birthday?
It used to be pink.
Now its all peach.Time bleaches.
Sometimes erodes,...like my study-table,
Under the eternal electric lamp.
Whose phone number are you looking for there?
Crazy Pinky?
Works at a bar in Mumbai.
Or the Gloom-Queen Usha...perhaps...?
I dont know...but she's not here.
Their adresses aren't here.I keep them away from the lamp.
The Light.
Dont take me wrongly.Its just that...
Something may happen and they may catch fire.
But...yet,I have lost touch with all old friends?

Got a fag?
Sorry,I see you're surprised?
I went up and down the fagging alley,
Dont worry.I've quit.
Won't ask for your cigarette.
Dont worry.
You were wanting to know about my life...I think...

I have ceased being a healthfreak.That twenty-pound thing was just for looks.
Nothing medical.
I have lesser cough-bouts now though.Great,isnt it?
Why the long face?
I was talking about my other kind of cough.Not the smoker's...
Remember how I used to find it hard to breathe....
How I'd gather the air about me...like I was drinking them...
I almost forgot to tell you.
They chopped off that Tree we had a midnight chewing-gum feast on.
(Yes,I tried...believe me.)
Followed by me catching a cold that made me miss...
The Year-book photoshoot.

I wasnt really drunk that day.
You dont believe I drink,do you?
Just very sick...tripsy with tiredness.
I know I said so,but it wasnt so...I swear...on...
On our time-capsule in my backyard.
Its probably destroyed by the flood by now,anyways.

I have new friends now.
They dont like pink.
But Pink is all I have.
They wear skulls and pirate rings.
Tacky,I know.But they're friends.
They say pink suits me,so does black.And yellow,and red.
So they're friends.
We prowl the strangest places at the quaintest times of the night.
Nude-feet and alcohol our comrades.
Oh,yes...I do drink now.
But you should come with us...One day.
Where did you go?
You wanted to know about my life,now....
Didnt you?


TACS said...

Hmmm...u c things my way....

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