Monday, July 30, 2007

BLACKBiRd-The Song

Lonely girl,
Sitting alone,
Hope she's not gone
By the time I'm home.
Her milky eyes,
Gazes blind,
Through the veil that divides,
Her parting smile.

You are not home yet tonight,
Why,you are not home yet tonight!
Little so matters all that my battles ply,
Nobody's coming tonight...

To my eyesight....

A cry would rent
Soot from a heavenly grate.
A crow would shriek,
Dripping black rain,
Of all who visits,
Blackbird,sings most sweet,
Lonely blind girl
Sees noman's defeat.

You are not home yet tonight,
Why,you are not home yet tonight!
Earthly senses bereft,I'm poised to fly.
Nobody's coming tonight....

As my daylight....

Fortress invaded,
Gunshots rumble.
Her arms outstretched,
Her fear crumbles.
But blood merely stains,
The walls he once shadowed.
A hungry look,insane eager,
Peers through her veil.

Why Blackbird,where did you go?
Can't you see I'm taking off alone?
One more step,into the blatant Night,
Into whats red rain now,I shall fly....

Blackbird,did you miss your windtrain?
Oh Blackbird,you never came!
Blackbird,do you hear my wings,
Flutter and rustle in the Black rain...

Long was my wait...
Into the ruby sunset.
Oh,Blackbird,you never came,
Black bird you never came!

Oh Blackbird you never came,
Why,oh My Bird,you never came...

To watch me undie...

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