Saturday, July 5, 2008

Human Eyes

My breathe gets entangled in a host of guilt and despair, every time I sit to think of you....even though I knew you less than two weeks...even though I don't even know if you knew me...even though I hardly recall your colors...the many colors under crimson, in which you came...and's not even's...only haunting....

They were human eyes,
Ablaze with lost fear,
Placid with burnt tears,
Looking out of its blurred corner,
They never looked straight ahead.
Like it knew there was nothing ahead,
Nothing… but scattered feathers.
In the gap in my wall
Where she staged her fall,
As sudden as she came us to befall.

They were human eyes,
I could never look away from,
Holding my gaze, on and on,
Like the clouded insides of a crystal ball,
As if it could tell me what was ahead.
Like it knew everything about what was ahead
Of me…but just would not make known.
In the gap in my wall
Where she staged her fall
As sudden as she came us to befall.

She had stopped eating for days,
Her mutilated wings concealed her bosom.
It seemed it was still covertly tending
To her mutilated grace as well.
But when she stopped eating for days-
We all knew…
Pigeon, she was not a mere pigeon
Breathing through nine air sacs,
Human, she was just another human,
Her soul bound to the flights of her past.
Graceful as she was sad, mute as she was wise;
And this telling us, she bade us goodbye.

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POOJA said...

beautiful...that kinda poem which brings tears to ur eyes...i wud cry too if i hadnt already used up all my tears-quota for today