Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Stop, don’t hurt it!
What did little ant ever do to you?
Stop, don’t soak it!
It only wanted to crawl on you.
Stop, don’t break its legs!
It only wanted a moment on you…

Raise all your heads up to me,
I am assailed by the paints and I read
The bigger picture, the larger words,
Hungry for the sounds of pleading,
Magnified, synchronized,
And stringed this-worldly thoughts.

Fear; don’t close your eyes,
Has the forked lightning yet struck you?
Love; don’t wear it with lies,
Lightning sparks will find its way to you.
Ambition; don’t shake my nights,
Don’t want to capture the free bolt of blue…

My senses are fierce,
Rigorous and wistful,
My hands are shaken
I suddenly, recognize
Everything is magnified…
So magnified…
My hands are shaking, hold on to me…
You there, you magnified...

Hold on to me...

If you want to see...

Hold on to me.

Magnified me.

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