Tuesday, July 29, 2008

World Shack II (Circles)-The Nothing

The light I lit is burning down to nothingness
And I am sovereign where I am nothing;
‘Cause there is nothing here yet burning or to possess
No one can have it; no one can steal this of me.

And I’m carved out of the goodness
Of the destitute on the breaking banks.
Baked with mud, the infant once raises
One trembling feet above the ground
And I pushed it in, as deep as it goes.
I pushed it in, out of sight of my woes.

I was you once upon a time in a mythical land
Harried by the tidal currents and moon,
Nothing holds the ebb on my hide as I understand
The fallacy of this existence, I have stolen.

*Second Stanza-repeat*

You cannot console me!
Bring the child to me.
Nothing can justify this sin!
Tell him I will wait for him...
There is nothing fair in this,
You cannot tell me there is.

It’s not my sweat,
It’s not my blood,
It’s not my life,
I deserve.
It’s his,
Give it back to him, God,
Give it back.
I would be nothing,
Had he not starved to death.
I am nothing,
Till I know the way he went.

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