Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Twisted Fate of Today

It hurts to know that you tried to betray me today,
It alarms to realize that you can betray me this way,
It astonishes to see the glint of triumph in your face,
All this is not what I say, but what you will say…
Forever, each and every day of that forever,
Forever, after today…

And even though I am not perfect,
Even though I have given up on regret,
And have only a dried, scarlet patch left…
Besides me in my maroon bed,
I am finally, where finality of decisions meets,
Finally, I am content…
So content.

That you will cry all night,
And die today…
Today. I am so content. Today.

1 comment:

POOJA said...

serves him right...the sonofabitch!!!!!!