Friday, October 24, 2008

Fourth Element -Alignment

In a flash, the grubby water,
As the cough of an old man,
Spilled out of the gutter,
And began its tragic dance…
Dancing, till it entranced
All humid, stymied passer-bys,
Bidding a slow-motion goodbye,
As it faded, in some heroic stance,
Dancing, till it entranced…
I’ve walked lonely paths of bloom,
But never have I ever so chanced
Upon waters so alive, as it croons,
So inanely oblivious, and human,
Dancing, till it entranced…
Dancing till it entranced…
At the mouth of the weak gutter,
It gurgled raspy, with the angst,
Of a soul, marooned in some desert,
Like his last swig from the drained flask.
Collapsing into a flaccid rant…
Dancing till it entranced…

The faces that exist alone to veil souls,
To carry on, behind, the daily dirty work,
The water witness, everyday, every second,
Like the hush of a human sculpture.
The water in different drains, slither
This way and that, before and after,
It emerged through that gutter…
Perking its head, as if to say,
I have been in your eyes,
Just as you made me cry…
I’m the water you grimed,
The rain you try to entice,
And the reason you survived.

But did you ever think about that watery mirage
Faraway, upon that runaway highway?
Did you ever wonder why you always craved
To touch that watery speck of sunny pave?

Because, today water too has a face,
The face that is somberly veiled.
No drop of water is pure anymore...
Aligned with earth's leaking bore.

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